We Are General Generator Rentals

The Best Generators for Sale or Rent is a company formed in 1990 by the late Frank Kern and John L. Kilduff. Frank and John were both highly experienced electricians and decided that they needed to start a business where they could combine their experience to help other people with their own power generators. They are both involved with various industries including communications, engineering, manufacturing and construction and have worked with the major power producers in the world such as Intermatic, APG, GE and Alstom. This company is one of the largest generator renting companies in the US. It was created as a direct selling company to concentrate on residential and commercial generators for rent or sale.

As its main product line started to grow the company added generators for sale and industrial generators. They have specialized in manufacturing both residential and commercial generators for rental or sale. The biggest product line they have today is residential generator rentals, which they offer in lots of different sizes, styles and models. They also offer various types of do it yourself guides and training programs for both individuals who are interested in purchasing and using generators for sale.

Although we are based out of San Francisco, this company now has generators for sale or rent in almost every city throughout the US and Canada. And we will soon have generators for sale from our Vancouver warehouse. If you are an individual who is interested in having your own portable generator at home or at work, or even if you are a contractor who is interested in providing emergency generator services, we would recommend that you contact us so that we can send you a free no obligation quote. If you decide to work with us, we can guarantee that you will have the best generator for your money and that you will never be disappointed.